Migrating Microsoft Access Databases to SQL Server 2008

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Microsoft Access is a very good database solution, but it has limits. While the portability of mdb and accdb files is convenient, there are advantages to moving to the less portable SQL Server solution. If you do have SQL Server, there's very little reason not to consider migrating your Access Databases. Not all custom-made Access applications easily lend themselves to a SQL Server solution so you'll need to do some analysis before choosing a migration path.


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Modifying Microsoft Access Linked Tables from SQL Server

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In a previous tip we saw how easy it was to link to SQL Server tables from Microsoft Access. As is the case with all systems, how does Access manage the changes? What happens when you modify the structure of the underlying SQL Server table? What happens to the SQL Server table if you delete the linked table in Access? We will look at each of these situations in this tip.


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