Steve Jones

My background is I have been working with computers since I was about 12. My first "career" job in this industry was with network administration where I became the local DBA by default. I have also spent lots of time administering Netware and NT networks, developing software, managing smaller IT groups, making lots of coffee, ordering pizza for late nights, etc., etc.

I currently am the editor of SQL Server Central and an advocate/architect at Redgate Software. I am also the President of SQL Saturday, maintain the T-SQL Tuesday monthly party, and remember our colleagues at

You can find out more about me on my blog ( or LinkedIn (
  • Interests: yoga, reading, biking, snowboarding, volleyball

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How Would You Design This: Scheduling Classes

One of the challenges for many database developers is coming up with a good design that not only meets the specifications but also performs well in queries. Relational databases often seek some level of normalization, which reduces the update load for a system but might require more effort work from developers to write queries. Many […]

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SQL Server 2022 Build List

This is a list of the builds for SQL Server 2022. There are other build lists available here. A list of all the builds that I can find and install on my Build VM. If you find a build not listed here, please let the webmaster know (webmaster at All builds are listed in reverse […]

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2023-09-15 (first published: )

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Using Power BI to Analyze My Travels

As a data professional, I have some fun with data in my life. I like numbers, and I like tracking things. I've written posts about my year in numbers, and recently noted the states I've visited. Like many of you, I've sometimes used this data to practice a skill, maybe learn to ETL or query […]

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Microsoft Build Announcements for Data Professionals

This week was Microsoft Build. After four years, it was back in person in Seattle and available online. I didn't attend in person, but I did watch a number of sessions and also went through the Build 2023 Book of News. You can download the book if you want, as it provides a lengthy list […]

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SQL Saturday Denver 2023–VCS Primer for the Database slides


My slides are here: VCS Primer Denver 2023 This was an overview of what...

Future Data Driven 2023 is This Week


The Future Data Driven 2023 virtual conference is coming on Wednesday, September 27. Register...

Opening the SQL Prompt Command Palette


A few years ago SQL Prompt added a command palette to let you search...

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