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My background is I have been working with computers since I was about 12. My first "career" job in this industry was with network administration where I became the local DBA by default. I have also spent lots of time administering Netware and NT networks, developing software, managing smaller IT groups, making lots of coffee, ordering pizza for late nights, etc., etc.

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  • Interests: yoga, reading, biking, skiing, volleyball

Building SQL Memorial - Automating Updates

In my last article, I wrote about the SQL Memorial structure for publishing information on the Internet for others to view. I had chosen Jekyll as a way of taking information in files and publishing it as a good looking website. However, I don't want to manually run Jekyll and copy the results to a […]


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Building SQL Memorial - Getting Started

Introduction One of the projects I've been wanting to tackle for some time is putting up a memorial for those people that our community has lost. I talked about it when Dwain Camps passed, and I kicked myself for not having something available when Tom Roush passed. Recently Gareth Swanepoel suddenly left us after COVID-19 […]

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The Diverse Data Platform–


The other day I got a note from Ben Weissman the other day that...

Extended Events and Azure SQL Database


Knowledge of how your system behaves is vital to better control, maintain, and grow...

Daily Coping 19 Apr 2021


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

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Replication - not all columns are updating

By screenshot

I've set up replication but I'm having difficulties in my testing. I've changed 3...

The Security of Source Code

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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Running SSIS in ADF

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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