Steve Jones

My background is I have been working with computers since I was about 12. My first "career" job in this industry was with network administration where I became the local DBA by default. I have also spent lots of time administering Netware and NT networks, developing software, managing smaller IT groups, making lots of coffee, ordering pizza for late nights, etc., etc.

You can find out more about me on my blog ( or LinkedIn (
  • Interests: yoga, reading, biking, skiing, volleyball

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Tracking Failed Job Steps

Recently a customer was asking for a way to alert on job steps that failed, but the job succeeded. They really wanted a custom metric for SQL Monitor, which I submitted, but this post looks at the query in general, trying to determine if a job step failed. Note: Let me start by noting that […]

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Always On Availability Groups Troubleshooting and Monitoring Guide

This guide helps you get started on troubleshooting some of the common issues in AlwaysOn Availability Groups and monitoring AlwaysOn Availability Groups. It is intended to provide original content as well as a landing page of useful information that is already published elsewhere.


Technical Article

Data Saturday #8 - SouthWest US

This Data Saturday Event is being jointly developed by the Albuquerque Data Platform Users Group, Arizona Data Platform Users Group, and the Santa Fe Data Platform Users Groups. This event will include sessions on many Microsoft Data Platform related topics. Join us on May 15, 2021.



New Job -> Week 2 -> Creating a Checklist


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SQL Server 2022 Administration Inside Out


SQL Server 2022 Administration Inside Out is now available for pre-order from Microsoft Press. This...

WIT/DEI Mental Health and Wellness Day Challenge to Present


Back in December 2019, I started presenting my session on mental health with lots...

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