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SQL Server 2016 Build List


This is a list of the builds for SQL Server 2016. There are other build lists available here.

A list of all the builds that I can find and install on my Build VM. If you find a build not listed here, please let the webmaster know (webmaster at sqlservercentral.com).

All builds are listed in reverse order, so the newest are at the top and the earliest at the bottom. You can find your build number with:

select @@Version

in a query window. This gives you the current version you are running and it should match up with one of the builds listed below.

Major Builds

BuildKB ArticleTitle
13.0.6300.25003279SQL Server 2016 SP3
13.0.50264052908SQL Server 2016 SP2
13.0.40013182545SQL Server 2016 SP1
13.0.1601.5RTMSQL Server 2016 RTM

Note that Service Packs include all builds below that Service Pack level. So any builds listed below Service Pack 1 are included in Service Pack 1. Those below Service Pack 2 (including Service Pack 1), are included in SP2, etc. Hotfixes may or may not include updates below them because there are two trees of code. The cumulative updates do include all hotfixes before them.

You can also download a CSV of the builds attached to this article.

Production Builds

These are the builds that have been released to the public for sale and are supported.

BuildKnowledge Base ArticleDescription
13.0.7037.15040944SQL Server 2016 SP3 Azure Connect Pack + GDR (July 2024)
13.0.7024.305021128SQL Server 2016 SP3 SP3 Azure Connect Feature Pack GDR Security Update
13.0.7016.15015371SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 3 Azure Connect Feature Pack + GDR (SQL Columnstore)
13.0.6435.15029186SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 3+GDR (Antique Passenger)
13.0.6430.495021129SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 3 GDR Feb 14, 2023
13.0.6419.15014355SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 3 GDR (SQL Columnstore)
13.0.6404.15006943On-demand HotFix for SQL Server 2016 SP3
13.0.6300.25003279SQL Server 2016 SP3
13.0.5893.485014351SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 2 Cumulative Update #17 + GDR (SQL ColumnStore)
13.0.5888.115001092Cumulative Update #17 for SP2
13.0.5882.15000645Cumulative Update #16 for SP2
13.0.5865.14583461Security Update for SQL Server 2016 CU 15 GDR 12 Jan 2021
13.0.5850.144577775Cumulative Update #15 for SP2
13.0.5830.854564903Cumulative Update #14 for SP2
13.0.5820.214549825Cumulative Update #13 for SP2
13.0.5698.04536648Cumulative Update #12 for SP2
13.0.5622.04535706Cumulative Update #11 for SP2 + GDR
13.0.5598.274527378Cumulative Update #11 for SP2
13.0.5492.24524334Cumulative Update #10 for SP2
13.0.5470.04515435Cumulative Update #9 for SP2
13.0.5426.04505830Cumulative Update #8 for SP2
13.0.5366.04505222SQL Server 2016 SP2 CU7 GDR: July 9, 2019
13.0.5337.0Cumulative Update #7 for SP2
13.0.5292.04488536Cumulative Update #6 for SP2
13.0.5264.14475776Cumulative Update #5 for SP2
13.0.5233.04464106Cumulative Update #4 for SP2
13.0.5216.04458871Cumulative Update #3 for SP2
13.0.5161.04458621Remote Code Execution vulnerability in SQL Server 2016 SP2 (CU)
13.0.5153.04340355Cumulative Update #2 for SP2
13.0.5149.04135048Cumulative Update #1 for SP2
13.0.5108.5504365SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 2 GDR (SQL ColumnStore)
13.0.5103.64583160SQL Server 2016 SP2 GDR: Jan 12, 2021
13.0.5102.144532097SQL Server 2016 SP2 GDR: Feb 11, 2020
13.0.5101.94505220SQL Server 2016 SP2 GDR: July 9, 2019
13.0.5081.14293802Remote Code Execution vulnerability in SQL Server 2016 SP2 (GDR)
13.0.50264052908SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 2
13.0.4604.04505221SQL Server 2016 SP1 CU15 GDR: July 9, 2019
13.0.4574.04495257Cumulative Update #15 for SP1
13.0.4556.04488535Cumulative Update #14 for SP1
13.0.4522.04293808Remote code execution vulnerability in SQL Server 2016 SP1 (CU)
13.0.4550.14475775Cumulative Update #13 for SP1
13.0.4541.04464343Cumulative Update #12 for SP1
13.0.4528.04459676Cumulative Update #11 for SP1
13.0.4514.04341569Cumulative Update #10 for SP1
13.0.45024100997Cumulative Update #9 for SP1
13.0.44744077064Cumulative Update #8 for SP1
13.0.4466.44057119Cumulative Update #7 for SP1
13.0.44574037354Cumulative Update #6 for SP1
13.0.44514040714Cumulative Update #5 for SP1
13.0.44464024305Cumulative Update #4 for SP1
13.0.44354019916Cumulative Update #3 for SP1
13.0.44224013106Cumulative Update #2 for SP1
13.0.44113208177Cumulative Update #1 for SP1
13.0.4259.04505219SQL Server 2016 SP1 GDR: July 9, 2019
13.0.4223.104293801Remote code execution vulnerability in SQL Server 2016 SP1 (GDR)
13.0.42023210089GDR Update for SQL Server SP1
13.0.40013182545SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1
13.0.22164037357Cumulative Update #9 for RTM
13.0.22134040713Cumulative Update #8 for RTM
13.0.22104024304Cumulative Update #7 for RTM
13.0.22044019914Cumulative Update #6 for RTM
13.0.21974013105Cumulative Update #5 for RTM
13.0.21933205052Cumulative Update #4 for RTM
13.0.2186.63205413Cumulative Update #3 for RTM
13.0.2186.63194717MS16-136: security update for SQL Server 2016 CU: November 8, 2016
13.0.21703199171Hotfix for SQL Server 2016 CU2
13.0.21693195813Hotfix for SQL Server 2016 CU2
13.0.2164.03182270Cumulative Update #2 for RTM
13.0.2149.0316674Cumulative Update #1 for RTM

Pre-Release Builds

These are the builds that were available prior to the RTM of SQL Server 2016.

BuildDescriptionDate Released
13.0.1000.281CTP 3.32016-01-28
13.0.900.73CTP 3.22015-12-10
13.0.801.12CTP 3.1 Refresh2015-12-01
13.0.800.111CTP 3.12015-11-21
13.0.700.242CTP 3.02015-10-26
13.0.600.65CTP 2.42015-09-20
13.0.500.53CTP 2.32015-08-24
13.0.407.1CTP 2.2 Refresh2015-07-22
13.0.400.91CTP 2.22015-07-16
13.0.300.44CTP 2.12015-06-12 2.02015-05-26

Again, if you find something not listed, let me know.

MS KB Articles for rollups of releases: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3177312

Cumulative Update #6 for SP1
Cumulative Update #10 for SP1



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