Grant Fritchey

Grant Fritchey is a SQL Server MVP with over 20 years’ experience in IT including time spent in support and development. Grant has worked with SQL Server since version 6.0 back in 1995. He has developed in VB, VB.Net, C# and Java. Grant has authored books for Apress and Simple-Talk, and joined Red Gate as a Product Advocate in January 2011. Find Grant on Twitter @GFritchey or on his blog as the Scary DBA.

SQLServerCentral Editorial

Who Are You?

I was sitting here thinking about the editorial when Kathi Kellenberger came to mind. She would frequently write about her favorite show, Star Trek. I too have been a fan of Star Trek since I was very young. However, my favorite show is a little more obscure and not as many people have seen it, […]

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SQLServerCentral Editorial

Things Move Fast

I have several things I’d like to say in the editorial today, but I feel I have to start off with my condolences to the family of Queen Elizabeth II. For that matter, my condolences to the people of Britain. This truly is the end of an era. Things do indeed move fast sometimes. Working […]

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SQLServerCentral Editorial

Time To Recharge

Redgate is a great place to work for a lot of reasons. One of those has come up for me. It's time for my sabbatical. Every five years we get six weeks paid leave. Mine starts Monday. I'll still be clearing out my email (the thought of six weeks worth gives me horrors), and I'll […]


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SQLServerCentral Editorial

Joining a Community

In the last week I've been actively trying to join the PostgreSQL community. It's been an interesting experience. I suspect it's going to stay interesting for a while. As part of what I'm doing, I saw this excellent video from Ryan Booz, talking about joining a new community. It got me to thinking. You have […]


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SQLServerCentral Editorial

Model Good Behavior

I'm answering a question in the forums and I spot something that crawls up my spine: ;WITH... The person was using a Common Table Expression (CTE) which requires that the preceding statement in the batch have a statement terminator, the semi-colon. However, since the terminator isn't required everywhere, lots of people don't use it at […]

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Daily Coping 7 Oct 2022


Today’s coping tip is to be willing to share how you feel and ask...

T-SQL Tuesday #155 –The Dynamic Code Invitation


Apologies for the late invitation. A minor snafu has me hosting again. This is...

Daily Coping 6 Oct 2022


Today’s coping tip is to remind yourself that you are enough just as you...

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