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    Bruce Szabo, MCSE+I, MCDBA, MCSD

  • Just to let the readers know:

    Next release gets a name: 

    Presenting SQLCentric v.2.0 - coming soon! 

    Yes, it may not be out yet, but we have finally versioned it.  SQLCentric v2.0 promises new features and extended monitoring capabilities, as well as a brand new reporting module.  In addition, our code base modifications will increase efficiency and performance.  For the first look at the new features and enhancements, click on the link above.  Our planned release is scheduled for September, 2004.  We will bring you more details as we approach our release date.

    Summer Sale Extended through September 15, 2004

    So, if you are presently evaluating our current version SQLCentric v.1.2.3, be sure to take advantage of our 15% discount promotion on all SQLCentric licensing packages.  This will entitle you to a FREE upgrade to v.2.0 when it is released, at these excellent discount prices. 

    The sale won't last forever and can save you hundreds of dollars if you act now!  As we have pushed back our latest release to September, we are extending our Summer Sale!  Plus, as an added bonus, Pearl Knowledge Solutions, Inc. will pay for one subscription to SQL Server Standard, the magazine from, or SQL Server Magazine.

  • I also downloaded a trail of this product and wasn't impressed at all. It reports very basic information that's not that much useful. Development work and interface of this product seems very basic. e.g. In server Manger menu you can still see the record 1,2.. etc. in the bottom. Seems like very basic VB form.

    I also ran into many problems setting this up. And yes, I always got email from Pearl quickly, so respons is quick enough.

  • We've been using SQLCentric over the last year and haven't had any problems at all.   Installation was simple and straight forward.  The product monitors about 25 servers and several dba's using it.  I am happy to say that we have not come across any problems.  We look forward to release 2.0.  Pearl's Customer service is stellar.  I wish that other vendors provide the level of support that we get from Pearl.

  • As a satisfied customer of Pearl Knowledge Solutions, I feel I must add my thoughts about SQLCentric.

    We have been using SQLCentric successfully now since its earliest version. And I can say, that the product has improved dramatically, and matured greatly in style, features and enhancements in a short span. It seems totally customer driven, and we expect the next version to be even better.

    As we all seem to agree, customer support is OUTSTANDING! People seem to forget how much this makes a difference in client-vendor relationship, and that based on trust and confidence in the company, we stuck with them through its maturity.

    Besides support, I will tell you what it offers above other products: A simple view into the state of our SQL Server environment, and the ability to be alerted when something goes awry. It has NO impact on our servers, no agents installed, and is easy to manage.

    It's pricing beats those other "monster" apps that offer features beyond what we need.

    Most DBA's want to know, is the server up or down, are the SQL services running, are my jobs failing, did my cluster failover, is a db suspect, etc.? That's why we believe in SQLCentric! The new features look great!

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