Retrieving Data as XML from SQL Server

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All the hype that once surrounded XML is finally starting to die down, and developers are really beginning to harness the power and flexibility of the language. XML is a data descriptive language that uses a set of user-defined tags to describe data in a hierarchically-structured format.


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Some Usages for XML

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While SQL Server 2005 has greatly expanded the XML capabilities of the platform, many DBAs are still not familiar with or comfortable
with using XML in their coding. Yousef Ekhtiari brings us a new article that looks at a basic use of XML in inserting data into a table.

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Techniques for Uniquely Identifying Database Records

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When designing and creating a data model for a data-driven application, the records in tables must each be uniquely identifiable. By having a unique value associated with each record, individual records can be selected, updated, or deleted. Being able to uniquely identify records is so important and standard in a database system that databases allow those designing a database table to specify what column (or columns) make up the primary key.


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