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    Bruce Szabo, MCSE+I, MCDBA, MCSD

  • The pictures that are showing are for a Transform Data Task, not Copy DB Objects...  Some of the picts aren't loading either.

    May want to clean that up before the morning.


    A Brown

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  • I got totally confused because the pictures didn't match the text but I'm new enough to DTS I thought the explanation was too confusing not that the pics didn't apply.  Glad I posted, hope to see this article with the right pictures. Always nice to avoid pitfalls


  • May have lots of great information, however the viewing of the article was not checked before release, it seems.  PLEASE, PLEASE Try again.

  • I just used the Copy SQL Objects Task this morning and it worked fine except I didn't have the logins set up on the new server.  Duh!  It copied tables, views, sp's and roles.  Fill factors for indexes were there too!  The task I used doesn't look anything like the picture I saw in your article.


  • Terrie, be careful when copying views in this manner.

    If you are copying a view from one database to another, and the tables (and data) already exist in the destination, then copying the view with data will replace the data in the tables in your destination with the data from your source.  If you specify to not copy the data, then the rows in the tables in your destination that the view will reference will be deleted.


    Confusing? yes.

    Instead, execute the script generated in the properties of the view (from your source) on the destination.


    A Brown

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