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The Script Component(As A Transform)

In this article we are going to assume a few things about the reader as we want to concentrate as much as possible on the Script Component itself and not the peripheral stuff
The things we will assume are:
* You are happy with adding a DataFlow task to the designer in Workflow
* You are happy to configure an OLEDB Source adapter
* You are comfortable with configuring mappings in the Destination adapter


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Workflow Constraints (Logical OR)

To do some of the stuff we wanted in SQL Server 2000 DTS we had put together some serious glue code and to be honest it wasn't pretty. One of the things that we used to have to do this way was if we wanted to implement using workflow constraints a Logical OR. Well that has changed and it is now really simple and this article is going to show you how to implement it.


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The OLE DB Command Transformation

In the newsgroups we have been asked on a number of occasions how to execute a stored procedure once for every row of input data. There's currently no really good way of doing this but in SQL Server 2005 DTS that is about to change. This article is going to show you how to take values from a source table and for every row execute a stored procedure which inserts values into another table.


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SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Overview

SQL Server Express, a free product based on SQL Server 2005 technology, includes the unique Application XCopy feature, and networking and security that differ from other SQL Server 2005 editions. These topics and the integration of SQL Server Express with Visual Studio 2005 are discussed. Compare this product with the existing Microsoft free databases like MSDE and Jet.


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SQL Server 2005 Partitioned Tables and Indexes

Although partitioning tables and indexes has always been a design tactic chosen to improve performance and manageability in larger databases, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 has new features that simplify the design. This whitepaper describes the logical progression from manually partitioning data by creating your own tables to the preliminary features, which enabled partitioning through views in SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000, to the true partitioned table features available in SQL Server 2005. In SQL Server 2005, the new table-based partitioning features significantly simplify design and administration of partitioned tables while continuing to improve performance.


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WebService - Enabling SQL Server 2005 Procedures

One of the most interesting features that I'll explore is that you can now create WebServices in the database tier directly, without resorting to "add ons" or even the use of IIS at all. One of the many extensions to Transact SQL is the new CREATE ENDPOINT statement, which allows the developer to create an endpoint directly from SQL Server 2005, which hooks right into the Kernel Mode HTTP.SYS driver, exposing functions and stored procedures written either in T-SQL or native CLR methods/classes.


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An Overview of SQL Server 2005 for the Database Developer

With the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Beta 2, the world of database development is changing. As a database developer, you now have the option to appropriately locate your code in relation to its functionality, to access data in native formats such as XML, and to build complex systems that are driven by the power of the database server. Database development is becoming more integrated than ever before, and all of the tools that you need are available right at your fingertips.


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The Secondary Database Name in an AG

I am setting up a SQL Server 2022 Availability Group and I am ready to restore the database on the secondary. The primary database is named Finance. However, we also use this instance for QA and already have a database named Finance. How do I configure the AG to use a different database as the secondary?

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