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Optimizing Your SQL Code with SQL Server 2005

A common complaint of database administrators (DBAs) is that performance bottlenecks are not among those problems that one can fix "by just throwing hardware at it." Thus, database servers must provide tools and techniques to help administrators address this issue. On that aspect, SQL Server 2005 does not disappoint.


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Easy Package Configuration

One of the age old problems in DTS is moving packages between your development, test and production environments. Typically a series of manual edits needs to be done to all the packages to make sure that all the connection objects are pointing to the correct physical servers. This is time consuming and gives rise to the possibility of human error, particularly if the solution incorporates many DTS packages. Many companies have provided their own custom solutions for managing this problem but these are still workarounds for a problem that is inherently DTS's.


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Data Sanitization Techniques

Data Sanitization is the process of making sensitive information in non-production databases safe for wider visibility. This White Paper is an overview of various techniques which can be used to sanitize sensitive production data in test and development databases.


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Common Vulnerabilities in Database Security

Creating an enterprise security plan is a complex endeavour. It involves evaluating multiple threats that gain access through many network paths to a hodgepodge of different applications and systems. With the focus on systems and paths, databases are frequently overlooked. Securing the database should be a fundamental tenet for any security practitioner when developing his or her security plan. The database is the source of data, the "crown jewels" in the information economy. Any security effort must start with this in mind and end with the strongest level of controls applied at the database layer.


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Building a 24 x 7 Database

Over the last few years, corporations have invested billions of dollars to integrate the automations of core business systems in large ERP applications. This paper looks at the risk of downtime and solutions for building an around-the-clock database.


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