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Work with XML Data Type in SQL Server 2005 from ADO.NET 2.0

One of the excellent features of the next release of SQL Server, known as SQL Server 2005, is its deep XML integration with the SQL Server database engine. This integration goes well beyond the simple relational-to-XML mapping layer that SQL Server 2000 provided. SQL Server 2005 will feature a native XML data type that will allow you to store native XML data in SQL Server itself.


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Working with Image Objects in InfoPath 2003 and SQL Server 2000

You can use features in Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 Service Pack (SP) 1 to work more efficiently with image objects and other data. Learn how to use BLOB data types to work with data stored in a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database from an InfoPath form. InfoPath 2003 provides a robust and rich interface to store and access data in SQL Server databases. Learn about best practices for integrating SQL Server databases and InfoPath form data, with an illustrative example.


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What to Know about Power BI Theme Colors


Power BI reports have a theme that specifies the default colors, fonts, and visual...

A Global Team Meeting


The last few years at Redgate we’ve had the entire (or most) of the...

A New Word: sayfish


sayfish – n. a sincere emotion that seems to wither into mush as soon...

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dbcc clonedatabase issue

By blom0344

I have used the 'dbcc clonedatabase'   schema-only backup procedure many times in the past...

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The Secondary Database Name in an AG

I am setting up a SQL Server 2022 Availability Group and I am ready to restore the database on the secondary. The primary database is named Finance. However, we also use this instance for QA and already have a database named Finance. How do I configure the AG to use a different database as the secondary?

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