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Querying System Tables

It is not recommended, but there is quite a bit of valuable information stored in the SQL Server 2000 system tables. Raj Vasant brings us a look at some of the information that you can get by directly querying the system tables and explains what is stored in a number of them, including gathering information about computed columns.

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2006-10-20 (first published: )

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ConnectionStringBuilders in .NET 2.0

As a DBA you might not need to build connection strings for your servers very often, but developers certainly need to build these all the time and might contact you for help. Author Raj Vasant takes a look at the new capabilities of .NET 2.0, which can really help make this easier.


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XML - Good and Bad

XML is becoming more and more the mainstream for data transfers between systems. Web services and SOAP communications are built into SQL Server 2005, requiring the more and more DBAs understand how to work with XML. Raj Vasant has written a number of articles on XML and brings us a look at how XML should and should not be used.


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Using OpenXML Part II

XML is becoming more and more prevalent in applications and more SQL Server DBAs are learning to work with this data structure. Raj Vasant brings us part 2 of his series on using OPENXML inside SQL Server, looking at passing XML into your stored procedures this time.


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XML Simplified

Everyone should be aware that XML is supported in SQL Server 2000 and plays an integral part of not only SQL Server 2005, but all of the Windows family. IIS metadata, web services, etc. all involve XML. But do you know what XML is and how to work with it? Author Raj Vasant brings us a basic article on what XML is and how the documents are structured.


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