Using OpenXML Part II

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  • Great article. Have you tried this in real world application especially in web application.


  • thnx.

    I have not tried this in a web application...

    but i think it will work the same way... coz this will technique will be useful if you are calling sp's from one another...

  • I actually tried this in a .NET Web Application before. I want to insert data in one database call from the a web application.

    My big problem with this is the OutOfMemory error/exception when assigning the XML string to a string variable. This problem occurred if the datasource is too large (50,000 thousands record, 30 columns). That string variable is suppose to be passed the stored procedure. Haven't solve this problem and I have to revert back to old way of looping and call a database insert.

    What way do you use OpenXML?

  • Great idea!! I hadn't thought to try this.  I wish i had read this a couple years back.  It would really have been helpful in a few situations

  • I Need uploading an XML file to SQL Server... The scipt should use MS SQL Server Bulk import capability (OpenXML)...How can i do this.

  • Thank you.  One of those "obvious when you think about it for more than a couple of minutes" situations, but aren't they they the best sometimes?

    Good tip.

  • You can store your XML data into your database tables by defining a column of VARCHAR type.

    You use OPENXML if you want to query your XML data.

  • Excellent article, congratulations...

    Antonio Hernández

  • Muthukkalavalli,

    What you are probably after is the SQLXMLBulkLoad tool, available as a separate download.  There's a How-to article at and several other resources at other pages.  Search for SQLXMLBulkLoad.


    Good luck

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