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Using SQL Monitor to manage a growing server estate

The State of SQL Server Monitoring report found that monitoring is key to managing large estates, and as estates continue to grow the need for a monitoring solution that is scalable is increasing. German IT Service Provider Fiducia & GAD IT AG implemented Redgate’s SQL Monitor to better manage the performance of its growing SQL Server estate.


Welcome to the DBA Training Plan.

8 years ago, Brent launched an email series with a 6-Month DBA Training Plan. he sent one email per week, bringing people up to speed on the most important topics that nobody taught ’em along the way. It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 years! This month, he's revisiting the emails, updating their content, and publishing ’em as blog posts too to make ’em easier to find. Buckle up: here come 24 straight blog posts to take you from zero to…well, at least a hero who’s smart enough to wear the underpants on the inside.


Making the switch to SQL Monitor

Managed IT Services provider Claranet turned to Redgate after having issues with their old monitoring solution and haven’t looked back since. With SQL Monitor named most popular third-party monitoring tool in this years State of SQL Server Monitoring report, see how it helps Claranet deliver more with less.



New Centralized View of SQL Resources in Azure


Yesterday, some new views were made available in the Azure portal that will be...

Letter To My Father


We spread my Fathers ashes over the past weekend. It was one of the...

My Organizer's Notes and Goodbye after #SQLSatBR 2019


Some 2019 tips for other SQLSat organizers from my last year as lead organizer...

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