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Implementing a Data Quality Monitoring Framework

For any Business Intelligence solution to be useful for analytical and decision-making purposes, it is imperative that the underlying data quality is good so, that reports generated are reliable to make business decisions. This article from Imran Quadri Syed walks the through steps involved to implement a successful Data Quality Monitoring framework that would validate incoming data against predefined data quality rules and capture data quality metrics.


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Run SQL Server Agent Job from SSIS

While we can schedule SQL Server Agent jobs and SSRS report subscriptions, the actual time that we want to run them is dependent on when certain processing in our SSIS packages is completed. We also have certain business rules surrounding launching these jobs that we need to enforce which the built-in scheduling capabilities cannot accommodate. For example, we execute a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report subscription every Monday at 8:00AM but we want to skip it if the current week coincides with our month end processing which will also execute a report subscription for the same report. Can you provide a solution that we can use to accomplish this?


A Hybrid Approach to Database DevOps

A flexible approach to Database DevOps where the team maintain the current state of the database in version control, during development, and then at key stages generate and test the migrations script that will deploy the changes to the target database, safely.



SQL Server Sample Databases


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Using WAITFOR to Test Slow Code–#SQLNewBlogger


Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for...

Power BI Monthly Digest – May 2020


This month we will likely have two releases of the Power BI Desktop. In...

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