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SQL Server Best Practices for Data Quality

Accurate data is imperative for an organization to conduct cost effective decision making. Like everything else, change is constant for your data. There is a need to cleanse and validate data when received and on a regular basis. Unfortunately, cleansing and validating data is difficult with the native SQL Server toolset. How do we leverage the SQL Server tool set to achieve these goals?



The logic for referential integrity can be implemented in application code, but to make sure that it is enforced, include foreign key constraints in the database design instead. In this article, Joe Celko talks about the history of references in SQL and the options available today.



SSAS Tabular – Process Add memory consumption


For me it’s a bit surprising how little information can be found regarding the...

Our SQL Server 2019 Administration Inside Out Fun Author Survey


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What's New in SQL 2019? at the Data Architecture Virtual User Group and Q&A followup


Thanks to all 180+ of you who joined the Data Architecture Virtual User Group...

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