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Introduction to SQL for Cosmos DB

This article by Adam Aspin reviews the Azure Cosmos DB SQL API from the perspective of the relational database developer. More specifically it will show you how to leverage your Structured Query Language skills to exploit the core possibilities of Cosmos DB as a NoSQL document database.

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Can a Certificate’s Private Key be Imported / Restored From a Binary Literal / Hex Bytes ?

By Solomon Rutzky

(last updated: 2019-04-22 @ 13:00 EST / 2019-04-22 @ 17:00 UTC ) SQL Server...

Enable a Named Instance to Connect on 1433

By Steve Jones

My default setup for a few years is to only use named instances, usually...

Data Breaches: All Your Fault

By Grant Fritchey

One part of my job is to understand the compliance landscape. This means that...

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By davebozy

I need to look through 200,000 IDs with multiple dates and identify just the...

Not Receiving Daily Newsletter

By nmccormick

I have not received a daily newsletter since 4/5/19.  I asked our support staff...

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