Unix vs PowerShell

I saw an article on using awk, sed, and grep on Linux. I used to know how to use those, though I was by no means an expert. However, working with a stream of text with an input and output was a valuable skill I've used over and over in my career. There are plenty […]

Our Top Findings from The State of Database Monitoring Survey

Over 2500 global database professionals answered questions on their experiences with database monitoring in our annual survey earlier this year. We’re creating four reports from the findings and in our first, The real-world challenges of growing server estates, you’ll discover both insights and trends along with advice for how to tackle the most common challenges.

Array and Custom Data Types in PostgreSQL

Introduction Just like every other database, PostgreSQL has its own set of basic datatypes, like Boolean, Varchar, Text, Date, Time, etc. We can easily store data like numbers, characters, date, time, etc. using these supported datatypes, but what if we need to store multiple data elements in a single column? Suppose we are storing the […]

Stairway to DAX and Power BI

Stairway to DAX and Power BI - Level 14: DAX CALCULATE() Function: The Basics

Business Intelligence Architect, Analysis Services Maestro, eight-year Microsoft Data Platform MVP and author Bill Pearson introduces the DAX CALCULATE() function, discussing its syntax, basic uses and operation. He then provides hands-on exposure to CALCULATE(), focusing largely upon its most basic uses in evaluating an expression in a context that is modified by specified filters.


Daily Coping 17 Sep 2021


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

Ethics in Modern Data at Music City Tech 2021


  On Sept 16, Christine and I presented our joint presentation on Ethics in Modern Data at...

Slides and Video from Building a Regret-free Foundation for your Data Factory Now Available


Last week, Kerry and I delivered a webinar with tips on how to set...

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All the Tools in Your Toolbox

By Kathi Kellenberger

Comments posted to this topic are about the item All the Tools in Your...

All the Tools in Your T-SQL Toolbox

By Kathi Kellenberger

Comments posted to this topic are about the item All the Tools in Your...

Get value of rows based on condition

By IdealPR

Hello, I have the table with data as bellow : create table tbl_Fact( IdCmd...

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