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XP_ENUM Stored Procedures

Digging a little deeper this week into extended stored procedures, we find the xp_enum procedures. These
procedures require no parameters but provide a handy bridge to the operating system and is extremely helpful for developers.

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SQL Server CE: New Version Lets You Store and Upda

Handheld device users need to be able to synchronize with a main data store when it's convenient and, preferably, when the back-end database server isn't busy. SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition allows you to build a traveling data store that can be displayed and run on a variety of devices. SQL Server CE supports a subset of the full SQL Server package, and can be used as a standalone server or in tandem with SWL Server and IIS.

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row changes per hour by TagID

By Bruin

I have a large table being written too every second with equipment (PLC) information....

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Question of the Day

Logical Operators

I have this table and data:

, ProductName VARCHAR(100)
, ProductCategory VARCHAR(40)
, ProductSize VARCHAR(4)
, ProductColor VARCHAR(20)
INSERT dbo.ProdList
  (ProductID, ProductName, ProductCategory, ProductSize, ProductColor)
  (1, 'Dirt Bike', 'Bike', '26', 'Blue'),
  (2, 'Mtn Bike', 'Bike', '26', 'Red'),
  (3, 'Dirt Bike', 'Bike', '24', 'Blue'),
  (4, 'Downhill', 'Ski', '180', 'White'),
  (5, 'Telemark', 'Ski', '175', 'Blue'),
  (6, 'Snowboard', 'Ski', '182', 'Various'),
  (7, 'Goggles', 'Ski', 'L', 'Clear')
How many rows are returned from this code:
SELECT productid, pl.ProductName
 FROM dbo.ProdList AS pl
 WHERE pl.ProductCategory = 'Bike'
 OR pl.ProductCategory = 'Ski'
 AND pl.ProductColor = 'Red'

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