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Nightly Failed Jobs Report

Do you get tired of reviewing each SQL Agent notifications nightly to determine which SQL Agent jobs failed? Is there a significant number of SQL Agent job notifications that it takes a while to review each? Here is an alternative that allows you to have a single email report of all job failures.

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Microsoft Platform Vaults into New Performance Territory

SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition clocked an incredible 308,620 transactions per minute (tpmC)1 running on Windows .NET Server 2003, Datacenter Edition on an NEC TX7 server with 32 Intel Itanium 2 processors. The NEC system sets a new performance record on Windows, nearly doubling the best published 32-bit result. In addition, this Microsoft/Intel/NEC solution delivers the best price-performance of all results on the Top Ten performance list, at just $14.96/tpmC.

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NGSSQuirreL Released.

NGSSoftware have released NGSSQuirreL, a security audit and management tool for SQL Server. Designed to ease the administrative burden of securing SQL Server, NGSSQuirreL finds the security holes then generates a lockdown script based upon the vulnerabilities found so the server can be secured in a matter of minutes; and regular audits can help keep it that way. For more information or an evaluation copy please see the NGSSite - http://www.nextgenss.com/.

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Performance Adding Hints

During the process of performance tuning queries and stored procedures there comes a time when you will notice that the execution plan selected by SQL Server is not the best plan. On occasion, everything you try doesnt cause SQL Server to choose the best way to execute your code. These are the times when hints can improve performance.


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