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Best SoftTool Announces SQLSourceSafe 2.0

Best SoftTool, Inc. today announces that its flagship product SQLSourceSafe 2.0 is available for download and purchase. SQLSourceSafe is the integrated solution that Best SoftTool provides to meet the mounting market demand for a solid version control system for SQL Server database development. SQLSourceSafe integrates Microsoft Visual SourceSafe® and Microsoft SQL Server® together, offers robust and advanced version control functions to database scripts in SQL Server.

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A Sneak Peek at Entegra

Recently, the labs had the chance to get a sneak peak at Lumigents latest creation, Entegra, which is scheduled to ship in the second week in December. Entegra monitors database activity and provides a complete record of access to the data and changes to database structure and permissions.

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Streamlining the Database Server Recovery Process

Are you tired of manually restoring each database on a new server when the original server has a melt down? Does the manual process seem slow, and prone to keystoke and mouse click errors? Would you like to have those restore scripts automatically built, so you only have to fire them off? Well this article will show you one possible method for speeding up and reducing errors will trying to perform a restore of all databases on a server.


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