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How to move SQL Server from one computer to another?

Moving SQL Server from one computer to another is not a very difficult thing to do, but it often stumps newbie DBAs. Of course, it needs careful planning to ensure that the SQL Server is moved completely and properly to the new machine, and with a minimal downtime and no data loss. This article introduces you to a couple of methods you can employ to move/migrate SQL Server from one computer to another.

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Worst Practice - Bad Comments

This one is pretty interesting, Andy discusses a few things he sees in comments that not only fail to add value, they end up costing extra time. There's room for discussion here, but definitely a discussion worth having - comments can make you or break you, here's a chance to think about what you think is important in commenting and pass that on to your development team.

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How to Search for Date and Time Values

Because of the way date and time values are stored in SQL Server, searching for a particular date or time is not as straightforward as you might think it would be. This article describes how date/time values are stored, how the database design can simplify (or complicate) data retrieval, and how to query date/time data to get the right results every time.

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Auditing Your SQL Server Environment Part I

This article is the first of a series that I plan on writing and placing on my website to help other DBAs in auditing a new SQL Server environment. This article deals with determing which SQL Server logins have weak passwords, with the definition of weak being, no password, password the same as the login name or having a password of only one character.The stored procedure used for this article is embedded in the article and it has been submitted as a independent script named spAuditPasswords.

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Who Needs Change Management?

You have spent thousands of dollars on that cool technology; clustering, redundant controllers, redundant disks, redundant power supplies, redundant NIC cards, multiple network drops, fancy tape backup devices and the latest and greatest tape technology. You are all set. There is no way your going to have downtime. Right?


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