Test Your SQL Server Security Skills and Compete with your Friends!

Test to see how much you know about SQL Server security. If you're one of the members to pass the test (72% score or higher), you're entered into a contest to win a copy of AppDetective and one year's worth of support (over $1500 value)! You can only take the test question test once and it is not timed. After the test, you'll be given the answers and why one answer is more correct than another. Questions are randomly chosen from a pool.

Is the Schema Still Needed?

Do you know what the schema is? In Relational databases, there is the concept of a database and a table, but the schema sits between them. In SQL Server, this is known as the owner. But do we really need this additional layer? Has it ever caused you problems? Has it outlived its usefulness?

SQL Stripes 0.50 Build 180 Released

SQL Stripes is an application that helps you - the SQL Server DBA, to have complete control over your servers. From the high-level of monitoring essential components to the low-level of analyzing your various databases. SQL Stripes is an intuitive and easy to use application and is intended for SQL Server DBA who want to have an easier life. SQL Stripes is completely free! (Announcement, not reviewed)

SQL Server Security: The db_executor Role

Brian will be writing a monthly column for us on SQL Security, definitely a hot topic these days! He starts off by discussing the need for a built in db_executor role and how to grant permissions manually to achieve the same effect. Terrific concept, as granting table access can lead to bad things! If there is a security topic you'd like to see more info on, post a note to the article or email us at articles@sqlservercentral.com.


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