Review of Lumigent Entegra

We've been trying to catch up on reviews lately, Hai was kind enough to give Entegra a try and report back on it. The basic concept is that it lets you do extensive auditing without having to add triggers. If you're trying to find an auditing solution, this is worth considering.

Regular Expression Library

This isn't a SQL site nor can you easily do regular expressions from SQL. That said, sometimes regular expressions are EXACTLY what you need to solve a problem. The downside? They're tricky! This is a great resource to pass on to your development team.

What is the difference between SET and SELECT?

Both SET and SELECT can be used to assign values to variables. But when to or when not to use SET or SELECT? Or does it matter? This articles shows you how SET and SELECT are different in various scenarios, along with examples. You will also find a test script that you can run, to identify the performance differences between SET and SELECT


Daily Coping 4 Jun 2020


I’ve started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

SQL Homework – June 2020 – DML Triggers


Triggers. Blech. Triggers are a really really cool feature of SQL Server, that are...

Backup your SQL instances configurations to GIT with dbatools – Part 2 – Add parallelism


We have seen how we can export and save the results to a folder...

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  I have an SP which is truncating a table and then insert into...

optimizing SSIS package

By sizal0234

  I am trying to optimize an SSIS package which has multiple step...

SSRS report doesn't show some of the non-null data for some reason...

By sgmunson

Okay folks... riddle me this one:   Why does SSRS not display the non null...

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