SQLServerCentral Editorial

The SQL Server Crossword


Enjoy our latest crossword puzzle and see if you can solve all the clues. The key will be posted in the comments tomorrow.


2. Create a hash of a value.

5. Add a query hint to the whole query.

10. Open an XML document as if it was a table or view.

12. Billy the kid.

14. Immediate unreliability

16. a.b.c.______

17. The memory where index and data pages go swimming.

18. Required to sort the output of a select statement.

19. DOS

20. One copy of each row.

21. How am I going to grant you permissions without actually granting you permissions?


1. You probably aren't using this to store your code.

3. Geometric or Geographic

4. Login or User

6. Time to be back up. abbr.

7. Comma

8. Evaluate the right-hand source once for each row in the left and return a row regardless of if there is a result.

9. Permission required to run a select statement.

11. Doorways to SQL Server

13. No, a 50gb DB is not one of these.

15. Create a new table containing the data from the query.

19. Loop through a result set.