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SQL Security Crossword


Enjoy our latest crossword puzzle and see if you can solve all the clues. These are all related to security in SQL Server. The key will be posted in the comments tomorrow and a word document version is attached below.

SQL Server Security


2. Second highest principal in SQL Server.

4. Turned off when a database is attached

11. Not NTLM

12. Not even the sysadmin's can see this data.

13. aXXX@XXXX.com

16. Protocol used when connecting from the server SQL is on.

17. Pretending to be someone else

19. One SQL instance talking to another.

20. Security trump

22. Contains 0 or more windows users.

24. Uses the private key to encrypt and decrypt data.

25. Used to contain a windows id and password.


1. Add a permission

3. Permission required to create stored procedures.

5. Required for all encryption in SQL Server

6. One way encryption.

7. This database is isolated from other databases.

8. Used to add a John Hancock to a stored procedure.

9. Workstation-Server-Server

10. Alias for a credential

14. Uses both a public and private key.

15. Bobby

18. Add random data to the string before encrypting it.

21. Principal that contains other principals.

23. Check who did what



5 (1)




5 (1)