SQLServerCentral Editorial

SQL Crossword #2 SELECT Keywords


Enjoy our latest crossword puzzle and see if you can solve all the clues. These are all keywords and clauses of a SELECT statement. The key will be posted tomorrow.


1. Clause that lists the tables used by the query.

4. Evaluate the right hand source once for each row in the left and only return a row if there is a result.

9. ______.b.c.d

10. Return only the rows that match.

12. Return all rows on both sides of the join.

13. Return all rows on the left, and only the matches on the right.

15. Alias

16. Combine the data from two queries, but only return distinct rows.

17. The only required keyword of a select statement.


2. Creates a group for each combination of column expressions in the GROUP BY and provides subtotals and totals.

3. Join two 100 row tables and get 10,000 rows returned.

5. Return all rows on the right, and only the matches on the left.

6. Combine the data from two queries.

7. Most conditions on a query go here.

8. a.b.______.d

11. Compare the data between two queries and only return matches.

14. Return everything on the left that doesn't exist on the right.