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Enjoy our latest crossword puzzle and see if you can solve all the clues. The theme for this crossword is high availability. The key will be posted in the comments tomorrow.


4. Same piece of data was updated in two different locations.

5. Instance that keeps an eye on articles for changes.

7. Backup log, copy log, restore log.

12. A set of databases that fail over together.

17. Can be an initial copy of the data.

18. Copy of the whole database, but no, it's not backward.

20. Where the data is written to. AG

21. Receives data. Can be a push or a pull.

23. Potential failover target.

24. More than one writeable location.


1. Always points to the primary replica.

2. Edition required for Availability Groups.

3. Manage these separately if you want your batch process to work after a failover.

6. Manage these separately if you want to be able to log in after a failover.

8. A group of Articles.

9. Commit now, sync later (hopefully).

10. Switch over to a secondary.

11. Instance that receives the data.

13. Marketing term that covers Availability Groups and Failover Cluster Instances

14. Notifies the subscriber of changes.

15. Instance required for automatic failover in mirroring.

16. Copy

17. No commit until the secondaries are set.

19. Allowable data loss after a disaster. abbr.

22. Secondary that can be used for backups or reporting.