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A General SQL Server Crossword


See if you can solve this crossword puzzle based on SQL Server.


4. Return all rows on the right, and only the matches on the left.

5. The loop everyone loves to hate.

7. Someone else's machine.

8. Feature that can be used to keep a single table synchronized between one database and another.

10. Make sure your database isn't corrupt.

11. Alias

13. Remainder only.

15. Encrypt a column without revealing the encryption keys to the Database Engine.

17. a.______.c.d

20. Can be a table, part of a table, SP, View etc to be syncronized.

23. Time to be back up. abbr.

24. Force a query plan.

26. a.b.c.______


1. Update data on NodeA; Data goes to NodeB & NodeC. Update data on NodeB; Data goes to NodeA and NodeC etc

2. The last thing you should try when repairing a corrupt database.

3. One SQL instance talking to another.

6. Without this SA is disabled.

9. 0x02

12. A group of servers working together.

14. A stored procedure is an _______.

16. 8 to 128 characters, at least 3 of 4 (upper, lower, number, symbol)

18. Instance that keeps an eye on articles for changes.

19. Can be an initial copy of the data.

21. You can have more than one but SQL is only going to use one at a time so most of the time it's really pointless.

22. Auto incrementing number.

25. Get the output as XML.



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