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SQL Crossword - Best Practices



5. Set this to leave some for the server.

6. How long will it take you to recover?

8. Do this regularly or corruption may sneak up on you.

9. Data source for cubes.

11. Not 5. More like 50.

14. How do you know if performance has gotten worse or not?

16. Update this at the database level when you upgrade an instance.

18. Turn this on for remote connections now before you actually need it.

21. Instant

22. You can have more than one, but SQL is only going to use one at a time, so most of the time it's really pointless.

23. Make sure you can do this if something goes wrong.


1. Security granted to the SQL Server service account.

2. Take them, test them.

3. Where does the database go? (by default)

4. Adding this option will almost always speed up your backup.

7. They should all be the same size.

10. Generally, 8 or lower, depending.

11. Remove a lookup.

12. Make sure this supports your calculations.

13. Do this with everything before putting it in production.

15. How much data are you going to lose if the server goes down?

16. Backup/restore option that helps make sure it's not corrupt.

17. Cycle it occasionally. (daily?)

19. Generally, it's just going to grow again, so just don't.

20. This dimension is your best friend.



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