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Community at PASS Summit


Last Saturday, September 23, was the first day of Fall. Regardless of how much has happened and changed over the last three and a half years, time keeps marching forward. And yet, there's exciting familiarity every time I see November approaching because I know something special is about to happen for those of us in the data community.

In just over six weeks, PASS Data Community Summit will kick off once again. With 17 different pre-con sessions and nearly 200 regular sessions, there are many opportunities to grow your skills and learn something new. We tend to be a curious bunch that thrives on hearing about new technologies and seeing new ways of applying the skills we have. PASS Summit is the best place to do that for data professionals.

But the real advantage, the real reason to consider attending is community. At least that's what I think… alongside many others in the #SQLFamily.

What do I mean by community? Great question!

In the cycle of seasons, some are going to knock your socks off… and others will make you pine for years gone by. Professionally and personally.

Having some anchors to mark time by is important. PASS Summit provides a consistency of friendly, familiar faces, people actively looking to share and learn from each other. As the saying goes, "a rising tide lifts all boats," and that's how I see the community working together each November at Summit. That's where I see the power of community working for the good of everyone.

I understand that not everyone will be able to make it. There will be some FOMO as things get underway and social media posts go live. But don't let that discourage you. Watch the keynotes and any other sessions that might be streamed. Be curious about the topics that people are talking about online throughout the week. If you see a particular speaker is presenting a session you would have liked to attend, reach out to them, and see if you can have the slides or if there's a previous recording of a similar talk.

Again, community is about lifting one another up, whether you're able to be in Seattle or not.

If you've been on the fence about attending, give the schedule another look. The content is top notch, the partners and sponsors are stellar, and the nightly opportunities to meaningfully connect with other attendees abound.

Consider diving into the #SQLFamily and data community in a new way this year, November 14-17, in Seattle.

And if you come, please reach out and say "hello!"



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