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Two-Dimensional Interval Packing Challenge

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Packing intervals is a classic SQL task that involves packing groups of intersecting intervals to their respective continuous intervals. In mathematics, an interval is the subset of all values of a given type, e.g., integer numbers, between some low value and some high value.


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Eager Aggregation in SQL queries

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Aggregation is a widely used way to summarize the content of a database. It is usually expressed with GROUP BY clause or just using aggregate functions (like COUNT or SUM). When the database engine executes a query with aggregations, it produces individual rows need to compute the required output and then performs the aggregation as (almost) last step. We discuss in this article how to re-write a query manually so that the order of operations will be different and when it can be beneficial.


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Dijkstra's Algorithm

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Introduction This article celebrates a classic algorithm [1] of Dijkstra (1930 – 2002) which finds a path of minimal cost between any pair of nodes in an undirected graph. His procedure is widely recognized as a fundamental tool for examining communication and transportation networks (eg. Google Maps) and is surprisingly simple. By his own admission, […]

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LOGON Trigger Count

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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LOGON Trigger Count

I have the need in SQL Server 2022 to create a complex set of checks for logins. I want to use Longon triggers, but I'd like to separate out logic. How many Logon Triggers can I create?

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