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RE: GROUP BY problem

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Hi Rob,just to let you know. I adjusted your SP for my needs and found out following:Ok, I didn't mentioned that I can have also day 0 (zero); because of that I had to bring in a isnull function. (See first statement for first where clausel)select h_min.hotel_id, h_min.theday, h_max.theday - h_min.theday + 1 from hotels […]


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RE: obtaining a reference to the current package

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Dim objPkg  ' Get Package object  Set objPkg = DTSGlobalVariables.Parent This will get you a reference to the package itself. Then you can access all the properties you just mind have to google ad dig around for what you need syntax wise. I have no test machin here so if you need more help leave a […]


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RE: Use RAISERROR with International error messages?

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Ah, ussage is your promblem! this is how you are supposed to use it:at setup time call sp_addmessage for all required languagesex:use master exec sp_addmessage @msgnum = 50001, @severity = 10,  @msgtext = N'US English message',    @lang = 'us_english'EXEC sp_addmessage @msgnum = 50001, @severity = 10,    @msgtext = N'Mensaje en Español',    @lang = […]



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