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Syntax tutorial

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After posting a question requesting help for a syntax problem, the following question arises:Is there any tutorial for understanding syntax which might take its student through some excercises to help get the student grounded in syntax fundamentals?TIAGaryA  


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RE: Script out logins and users

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quote: why not select * from syslogins syslogins doesn't contain the password. I believe you could do something like the following, but I wouldn't mess with it as long as there are easier ways. On source server: DECLARE @binpwd sysname, @sidid binary(16) select @binpwd = a.password, @sidid = a.sid from sysxlogins a, syslogins b where […]


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RE: relationships between tables

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quote: but if one wants just the ID to be a foreign key then one must abandon DRI and instead write triggers or other code to enforce the relationship. would you really want to let trigger handle RI? Frank


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RE: Crystal Reports......

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Depends on your version of Crystal but yes you can set the query via code to any valid SQL syntax for the connection object you are using. I always make my connections ADO in Crystal and at runtime I submit the proper SQL string to process the data (remember thou you have to provide the […]


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RE: HOw to install sql server 2000 in laptop

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quote: Thanks all for valuable suggestion,Actually i want to install sql server 2000 first,than my database and after that my application which is a exe file.All this i want from CD to my laptop in a single click.I want all this for demo purpose. If this is for a demo, you shouldn't need a full […]



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