SQL Puzzles


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SQL Server 2000 has table valued functions that are very useful in many ways. However when you try to limit results with the ROWCOUNT setting, you can end up with some strange results. Peter He brings us a comprehensive look at some of the unpredictable results that you can get and how to code around them.


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Quick Hints for using the RAISERROR Command

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SQL Server 2000 error handling isn't the most mature system for dealing with unexpected events. It has been much enhanced in SQL Server 2005, but many people will be using SQL Server 2000 for a long time. RAISERROR is one of those functions that can really aid in troubleshooting, but is often underutilized. David Poole brings us some hints on how this can help you out in your code.

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An Audit Trail Generator

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Auditing is becoming more and more important in many SQL Server environments. DBAs are being tasked with setting up, maintaining, and reporting on audit data. Author Leo Peysakhovich brings us one of his solutions to automatically generate an audit trail for your data.

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An Is Null Gotcha

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In T-SQL you should use the IS NULL keywords to test for a null value. But David Poole runs into a strange gotcha in one of his applications where he is testing for a null value. It's an interesting read following Sherlock Poole around on his hunt to find an error.

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