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World Backup Day

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This Saturday is World Backup Day, and with this in mind, Red Gate's Brian Harris talks about SQL Backup 7 and why they want to make backup verification a focus for more DBAs.


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Do you work with Visual Studio?

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Red Gate is doing some research into Visual Studio add-ins for SQL development. If you can spare a moment to complete a short survey, or are interested in being part of the early access program (linked from the end of the survey), please click here.


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Webinar: Whatever your source control system - seamlessly link it to SQL Server

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In this webinar consisting of 30 minutes of software demonstrations followed by Q&A, you will learn how to link your database to your existing source control system within SQL Server Management Studio using Red Gate’s SQL Source Control.

We will also give you an exclusive preview of forthcoming custom scripts features in the next version of SQL Source Control and SQL Compare.


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