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20 Years of Compare

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When we started SQLServerCentral, there were originally 7 of us. We all decided to "invest" $50 to get the site going. With this seed money, we paid for a VM that hosted both SQL Server and IIS. This was enough money to run the site for 6+ months, and we set about building an online […]

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Managing multiple database versions

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Sometimes, it's necessary to have different versions of a database running in production. But how do you establish a single source of truth in source control? Alex Yates from DLM Consultants shows how to use object filters in SQL Compare to build multiple database versions from the same source.


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Using SQL Compare with Row Level Security

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Row Level Security is one of many new features in SQL Server 2016. It provides a much easier, consistent, and maintainable solution for row-based security rules. In this blog post, Data Platform MVP Steve Jones introduces this new feature, and walks through how Redgate SQL Compare can safely and reliably handle RLS changes.


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Getting Started with SQL Prompt 10


This week we released SQL Prompt 10, which is an exciting milestone for us....

Power Platform Quick Tips – Episode 01: Fixing Power BI Column Sorting


Check out this new series that I’ve started on Power Platform Quick Tips. This...

The curious case of CHAR(0)


Over the years I’ve seen quite a few strange things with SQL Server. This...

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