Disaster Recovery (DR)

Disaster Recovery and Big Data

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Big data applications are not usually considered mission-critical: while they support sales and marketing decisions, they do not significantly affect core operations such as customer accounts, orders, inventory, and shipping. Why, then, are major IT organizations moving quickly to incorporating big data in their disaster recovery plans?


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Disaster Recovery in the Enterprise – Paying the Price to Avoid Extra Costs

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Data Protection and Disaster Recovery (DR) are IT tasks that seldom get the same level of attention as development… until disaster strikes. Only if planning is adequate can an organisation be resilient in the face of unexpected problems. There are several steps that are needed to achieve an adequate DR process and the ability to restore business operations after a disaster.


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Planning for Disaster

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There is a certain paradox in being advised to expect the unexpected, but the DBA must plan and prepare in advance to protect their organisation's data assets in the event of an unexpected crisis, and return them to normal operating conditions. To minimise downtime in such circumstances should be the aim of every effective DBA. To plan for recovery, It pays to have the mindset of a pessimist.


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