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A Simple Formula to Calculate the ISO Week Number

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He admits it wasn't his idea but his head sure wishes it was. SQL Server MVP Jeff Moden explains a wonderful, super simple, very high performance formula that will calculate ISO Week Numbers. If you're "stuck" with SQL Server 2005 or less, you're going to like this a whole lot!

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2015-10-23 (first published: )

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RE: Duplicate Records

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Something like this..CREATE TABLE SSNTemp (  SSN char (10) NOT NULL ) CREATE UNIQUE   INDEX [IX_SSNTemp] ON SSNTemp ([SSN]) WITH     IGNORE_DUP_KEYinsert into SSNTemp select ssn from yourssntable delete from yourssntableinsert into yourssntable select ssn from SSNTemp  


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Data till transaction is commited

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Hi All,II have a question on Transaction commit/rollback. Question My understanding is that untill a transaction is comitted, the modifications(inserts/updates/deleted) are not made on th disk ( datafiles). For Example if i am doing a bulk copy of millions of records from a flat file on to sql server table, untill all the records are […]


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RE: Drill Through filter option

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In the Cube Drillthrough Options screen, on the Columns tab, you should see all of the columns contained in all of the tables used in your model. Assuming you have only 2 tables, a fact and a single dimension, the columns may be something like COLUMN TABLE fkCol1 tblFact fact1 tblFact fact2 tblFact pkCol1 tblDim1 […]


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RE: Invalid column

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quote: ...if you placed a GO between the Alter and the Select... True in this contrived example but not if the intention was to use it in a procedure.


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