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On Comparing Tables in SQL Server

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How do you compare two SQL tables? Every SQL Developer or DBA knows the answer, which is 'it depends'. It is not just the size of the table or the type of data in it but what you want to achieve. Phil Factor sets about to cover the basics and point out some snags and advantages to the various techniques.


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How to generate SQL DML

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I have this peculiar request. We have a library which all developers use to connect to the Production databases. During the course of their interaction with the DB, any Update or Delete statement requires me to take the current state of the Row(s) based on the where clause from the Update/Delete statement and generate all […]


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RE: Attached and Detached

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If you have SQL Servers list in the database you may run a query that will get a servername from the database, append strings before and after and output in the results window a set of statements like this:SELECT * FROM OPENROWSET('SQLOLEDB','Provider=SQLOLEDB;Server=MyServerName123;Trusted_Connection=yes','select @@servername, <put here everything you want to select according to postings above')Then copy […]


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Datetime grouping question

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I am writing a report and the users and they would like to select the grouping of the report.All the grouping will be on a single datetime field (oddly enough named datetime).They would like to be able to choose if the report is grouped by half hour, day, week, or month.I can accomplish day by […]


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RE: SQL Login Security

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If your users are connecting through an application server you can put the SQL Server behind a firewall and just allow access through the firewall to the app server IP address, thus denying enyone else access.



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