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Transform your SQL Server permissions

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SQL Census helps users understand who has access to their SQL Servers (including Active Directory groups) and simplify existing SQL Server permissions. A new feature reworks discrete user permissions into database roles, giving users the same effective rights in a more controllable structure. Download and use SQL Census (in preview) for free.

2019-03-07 (first published: )

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Azure SQL Database - Azure AD Authentication

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One of the challenges when considering migrating your on-premises SQL Server databases to Azure SQL Database is its lack of support for Active Directory-integrated authentication. With the advent of Azure SQL Database V12, the authentication capabilities have been expanded, allowing for more flexibility that leverages Azure Active Directory. In this article, Marcin Policht provides an overview of this functionality.


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Azure Active Directory - Schema Extensions

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The Azure Active Directory Graph API enables some interesting scenarios that you can implement in your applications by enabling you to query and manipulate directory objects in Azure AD. In this article, Rick Rainey provides a clear walkthrough of its implementation.


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