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A Faster tempdb

I like to call tempdb the “workhorse” of SQL Server. I’ve heard some other people call it other terms that were not so flattering, but since I like to keep things positive, I’ll stick with workhorse. SQL Server uses tempdb for many things. The obvious uses are temp tables and table variables, but tempdb is […]

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Which Service in Azure Should You Use for SQL?

I remember when Azure SQL Database was first released in 2010. Microsoft has tweaked the name a couple of times over the years, and back then it was called SQL Azure. The largest database you could create was just 50 GB, and there were quite a few restrictions, such as heaps not being supported. Since […]

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Your chance to speak at PASS Summit

When I decided to switch careers about 25 years ago, I had no idea how far I would go in tech. I just wanted to leave the profession for which I had trained and become a developer. My goal was to make the switch by the end of 1998. It actually happened in the summer […]

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SQL Server 2019 CTP 3.2 Available

Microsoft announced CTP 3.2 for SQL Server 2019 just a few days ago, but many people working with SQL Server don’t care about this. I run into people at user group meetings and SQL Saturdays who are stuck supporting versions as old as SQL Server 2000, and SQL Server 2008 R2 is still prevalent. I’m […]

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Microsoft and Oracle Cloud Partnership

Many of us checked to make sure it wasn’t April Fools Day a couple of years ago when Microsoft announced that SQL Server 2017 would run on Linux. This means that some shops who want to run SQL Server, but not Windows Server, now can. But it also means that SQL Server professionals need to […]

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Why Tools Can Help You Do Your Job

Back in my days as a SQL server DBA, I didn't have many third-party tools at my disposal. I remember having a monitoring tool with licenses for only three or four SQL server instances. Whenever there was a problem with one instance that wasn’t currently being monitored, I would have to stop monitoring another instance […]

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Creating an Empty Repo in GitHub–#SQLNewBlogger


I saw someone struggling with getting started with a Visual Studio project and Azure...

Product Review: DataVeil


If you’re looking at data masking tools, I recently was able to review the...

The Last Price Bump for the Data Community Summit


This week the cost of the PASS Data Community Summit jumps up to full...

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