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Spring 2024 Speaking Engagements

I will be presenting Answering the Auditor’s Call with Automation at two upcoming events, one virtual and one in-person.
DBA Fundamentals Virtual User Group Tuesday, April 9 2024 at Noon...

2024-04-03 (first published: )

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Just Buy the Keyboard

The holidays have passed and it’s a new year. You probably have a gift card or two and haven’t decided how to use it yet. Allow me to help:


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On Session Evaluations

As PASS Summit approaches this week, I’m re-reviewing my evaluations from SQL Saturday Boston and I’d like to give feedback about feedback.
Why Feedback? Both speakers and event organizers depend...


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Summit 2023 Is Nearly Here!

All week, my phone has been reminding me (via photo memories) of the amazing experience I had at PASS Summit 2017. This can mean only one thing - PASS...

2023-11-10 (first published: )

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SQL Saturday Boston 2023 Recap

First Things First Thank you to everyone who attended my session “Answering the Automator’s Call with Automation.” My slide deck and demo code are now available on my Github.....

2023-10-16 (first published: )

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Are ABORT_AFTER_WAIT's victims logged?


In SQL Server, using the KILL command to terminate a session results in an...

Part 2: The Modern Azure Data Warehouse – ADF and ADLS


In today’s data-driven world, having the right tools to manage and process large datasets...

A New Word: Flichtish


flichtish – adj. nervously aware how much of your self-image is based on untested...

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Creating Statistics on XML

I have a table in SQL Server 2022 that is an XML data type. I have an index on this column and want to create statistics using CREATE STATISTICS for some of the data in the column. What should I do?

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