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Meetings Are Work Too

So Many Meetings I’ve said it. We’ve all said it.
I can’t get any work done today, I’ve got so many meetings.
I need to be reminded on occasion that for...


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Why You (usually) Want a Clustered Index

Note: I originally wrote this a few years ago but never posted it. It resurfaced when I migrated the blog so it’s being posted now.
After watching Kevin Kline’s (blog...

2022-06-13 (first published: )

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Mic Check

Is this thing on? If you’re reading this test post, it means DNS has updated properly and I’ve successfully migrated to Azure Static Web Sites. Welcome!


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Blog Changes Coming

Over the next couple days (weeks?), a significant change is coming to my blog (and if you’re reading this text, it’s already happened). I will be leaving Wordpress behind...



Why You Need Presentation Skills


And no, the answer is not because you want to be a Microsoft MVP....

Daily Coping 29 Sep 2022


Today’s coping tip is to avoid saying “I should” and make time to do...

How to Calculate Compound Rate in Power BI


Recently I had an interesting use case where I had to a compound calculation...

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