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Lumigent Technologies Delivers Data Auditing Solution for Microsoft SQ

Lumigent Technologies today announced that they are a recommended supplier to provide data auditing solutions for risk management to customers of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 through their Entegra product. Enterprises that depend on SQL Server databases can now rely on Entegra as a trusted auditing solution to enable compliance with regulatory requirements.


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Beginning ADO.NET

One of the strengths of Visual Studio .NET is its features for rapid application development, or prototyping. If, for example, you want to develop a Windows form that lets you maintain the data in one table of a database, you can usually do that in 20 minutes or less. This article will show you how.


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Regular Expression Library

This isn't a SQL site nor can you easily do regular expressions from SQL. That said, sometimes regular expressions are EXACTLY what you need to solve a problem. The downside? They're tricky! This is a great resource to pass on to your development team.


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What is the difference between SET and SELECT?

Both SET and SELECT can be used to assign values to variables. But when to or when not to use SET or SELECT? Or does it matter? This articles shows you how SET and SELECT are different in various scenarios, along with examples. You will also find a test script that you can run, to identify the performance differences between SET and SELECT


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SQL Server Web Data Administrator

The Web Data Administrator is a utility program implemented in ASP.NET that enables you to easily manage your SQL Server data wherever you are. Using its built-in features, you can do the following from Internet Explorer or your favorite Web browser:

Create and edit databases in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE)
Perform ad-hoc queries against databases and save them to your file system
Export and import database schema and data


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Cloud Databases Made Simple: Creating Your First AWS RDS Instance


I recently started full time learning of Amazon Web Services (AWS). I found that...

First Time Speaking with a Mask at an Event


Over the past couple of months, I have started losing my ability to talk...

A New Word: Apolytus


apolytus– n. the moment you realize you are changing as a person, finally outgrowing...

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Read Only Replica in SQL Server Standard

Our environment runs using SQL Server Standard. We are implementing Availability groups. Our database has been experiencing high read volumes, so I want to let the application read the Synchronized Secondary replica, as I read that HADR does this. Can we implement this?

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