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Red Earth Technologies releases Superior SQL Builder

Red Earth Technologies announces the release of Superior SQL Builder, a new SQL tool that visually builds complete SQL scripts, not just single queries. It employs a completely different method of developing SQL scripts. By taking advantage of new scripting technology, Superior SQL Builder can visually build complete SQL scripts within a single, integrated environment. This means that SQL scripts can be developed faster, while reducing syntax and logic errors. (Not Reviewed)


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Log Navigator Final Beta Released

The final beta of Log Navigator has been released. This sql server auditing tool reads the MS SQL Server transaction log to track all data changes with no performance overhead or use of triggers. You can read database auditing trails from activity that took place even before the tool was installed. Powerful filters allow you to sort audit data by date, user, table and more. New features include LIVE LOG support and XML export. (Not Reviewed)


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This is an update to v1.2 of the product which does monitoring of your SQL servers. Looks like it checks service status, jobs, disk space, some other things. (Not Reviewed)


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MZTools - Addin for VB6

Freeware! This add-in gives you some great extra features when working in VB6. It has a tab index setter, options to add a chunk of error handling code, a simple code analyzer that gives you some metrics, and my favorite - an option to identify unused code and variables. If you're still using VB6 it's worth trying.


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SQL Prompt Quick Access to Helper Code


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Speaking at SQL Saturday Boston 2023


I’m happy to announce that I will be speaking at SQL Saturday Boston on...

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