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One of the most valuable features of is the discussion forums, where many a DBA has found an answer to their question. Most times on the same day! While we do not moderate the forums, there are still some rules for posting that we hope everyone will take a moment to read.

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TiVo for DBAs!!! is all about learning. Our goal has been to build a community where we all teach each other how to become more proficient with SQL Server. Most of our content to date has been written articles that show you how to do something. Well we have a a better idea, maybe. Check out our new video HOWTO series.


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Why I Support Code Automation Tools Like ORMs


I know I’m a weirdo. I’ve always been a weirdo. When I was a...

#PowershellBasics: Run a file and pass it a parameter.


I realized in my last #PowershellBasics post that I was talking about running a...

SQL Undercover TV – Instant File Initialisation


Adrian has a look at the performance benefits of instant file initialisation Below is...

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