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Experience SQL Server 2016 in Microsoft Luxembourg’s Intelligent Office

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The SQL Server Luxembourg User Group invites you to join us at our next event, in Microsoft’s new Intelligent Offices, for Tom van Zele’s SQL 2016 presentation. Tom’s road-show session highlights SQL Server 2016’s new features: End-to-end mobile BI, advanced analytics, cloud integration and lots of other new stuff will be addressed.

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2016-11-28 (first published: )

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SQL Server Luxembourg User Group

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Come join the SQL Server Luxembourg UG for free training and networking on June 27th at 5:30pm. Soren Nielsen will take a Deep Dive into SQL Server 2012’s “Always On” High Availability technology. This will be followed by Vern Rabe of the SQL User Group in Portland, Oregon, presenting “Data Types - Think You Know It All? Think Again”.

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