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BDS SQL Digger 2.0 Released

Have you ever needed to find something in a stored procedure or function and found yourself trying to wade through syscomments? Ever want to know which views reference a table, but you don't trust sysdepends? BDS has released SQL Digger 2.0, a utility designed to help you search through your schema and code to find what you need.

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Beta Call - Randolph for Database Schema Control

Maintaining control of your schema with SQL Server 2000 can be cumbersome. However there are starting to be more and more tools to assist you with version control and tracking your schema over time. Nob Hill software has a tool that helps, which is currently in Beta and code named "Randolph". If you have a need, check out their new product.


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A DBXtra Discount! tries to provide you a great deal of value for your subscription fees. We think we do a good job considering the $0 cost 🙂 One of the benefits we sometimes negotiate is a discount on products. DBXtra has generously offered a discount for the next few months, so read on and make your purchase today!


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GotoWebinar (and Teams) won’t screen share after macOS update to Catalina (10.15)


This blog post is about the situation where after upgrading to the latest macOS...

Improving TweetDeck with Better TweetDeck


If you are at involved with the #sqlfamily, you are bound to hear about...

Interview with Bob Ward


This is the eight interview we have done. This time our guest is the...

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