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A DBXtra Discount! tries to provide you a great deal of value for your subscription fees. We think we do a good job considering the $0 cost 🙂 One of the benefits we sometimes negotiate is a discount on products. DBXtra has generously offered a discount for the next few months, so read on and make your purchase today!


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Freeware: SQL Digger 1.0

Ever been in the situation where you know that you used a function in a stored procedure and couldn't remember how to use it? SQL Server is a great database platform, but it's easy to lose track of all your code as an application grows. A new freeware utility is available to help you search your databases for code.


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Spark .NET - Spark ML TF-IDF


Spark ML in .NET for Apache Spark Spark is awesome, .NET is awesome, machine...

Daily Coping 7 Jul 2020


I’ve started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

Publish ADF from code to further environments


Struggling with #ADF deployment? adf_publish branch doesn’t suit your purposes? Don’t have skills with PowerShell? I have good...

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