Dinesh Asanka

InfoPath 2003 - Part 2

Continuing with Dinesh Asanka's series on SQL Server and Infopath 2003, he shows us this time how to build a report that joins two tables and includes some conditional formatting. Infopath 2003 is part of Office 2003 and is a great quick and dirty tool for getting to your SQL Server data.


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Save Your Password

Storing passwords in SQL Server for authentication by your application is a common practice. But not always a good one. Someone with access could easily see all passwords and perhaps cause mischief inside your application. Imagine the office gossip getting access to your HR application as the HR director! Not a good thing. Dinesh Asanka has written a short piece on how you can use a built in function in SQL Server to encrypt these passwords and use them with a minimum of effort.


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An Introduction to InfoPath 2003

Office 2003 has a new tool: InfoPath 2003, which can work with SQL Server along with numerous other data stores. It's a great way to begin working with XML, Web Services, and many of the newer technologies that are available today. Join Dinesh Askanka on his journey to learn more about InfoPath2003 in the start of another series.


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Change Management in Your Database

SQL Server has no change management integrated with the native tools. This means that each person must develop their own method of handling changes, or live with the chaos that will inevitably ensue. There are a number of articles written about various ways to handle change management and Dinesh Asanka shares his here. Read on and see if this helps you get a handle on changes in your environment.


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