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To estimate the size or the future size of a DB

The level of index fragmentation is not taken into consideration. Actual level of fragmentation is assume to be proportionnal over time.Only one object can be used as the witness to drive the database size.A normally distributed database is needed for this tool to report accurate estimates. ** Example : dbo.sp__EstimateSize @UpdateUsage = true ,@ObjGuidance = […]


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Database Data Dictionary Utilities

This is a modification of Database Data Dictionary by rsellers at procedures to help maintain field definitionsvp_DatabaseDictionary lists the columns grouped by ColumnName, Type, and Length.DatabaseSchemaByColumn is a variation of rsellers procedure in that it takes a column name as an input.Usage:  execute vp_DatabaseDictionary you may find that you have several fields of the […]

2004-09-15 (first published: )

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How to obtain today's date within a UDF

As you know, if you've written even a modested amount of UDFs, they like to be deterministic in fact they insist on it, and the most undeterministic value you are likely to want is today's date. Yes, you can use calls to extended stored procedures but I like the simplicity and versatility of this solution.The […]

2004-09-14 (first published: )

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Get back list of failed dts packages

This is a fairly basic script that gets back a list of steps within dts packages that failed within the last 24 hours. The reason I wrote this script, is that if you call a dts package from a dts package on another server via a scheduled job on that same server, both the package […]

2004-09-13 (first published: )

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Social: Going Along to Get Along


It’s the eve of the Fourth of July, when the Declaration of Independence is...

Daily Coping 3 Jul 2020


I’ve started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

Using Docker Volumes for SQL Server in Linux


No, not that kind of volume! Over the past couple of blog posts, I...

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